Designer Kitchen Base Units


    Kitchen base units have undergone a designer facelift with the increase in importance of the kitchen in a family's household activities.

    Bella Cucina, a UK based leading designer of kitchen appliances and base units has played a pioneering role in making designer kitchen base units popular all over UK. We build kitchen base units, which are not only at the height of contemporary fashion but also, provide value for money.

    Our designer kitchen base units have been acclaimed for their craftsmanship. These are fully assembled units that have been made using high precision equipment. These designer kitchen base units are available in two-side door opening options – Hang Right and Hang Left. The shopper can choose the default door; its opening option and door handle from the company's ‘online kitchen design grid' and compare prices before making the final selection.

    Our stock of designer kitchen base units is vast and varied. We have the customary double tier standard base unit and also base units with drawers to fit in-built hobs, sinks, freezers and microwave ovens. The most important aim for all these base units has been maximum utility of cramped spaces, as some of these products can also be placed in corners and at angles.

    All these items can be purchased using our online shopping cart. We do deliveries throughout mainland UK. Interface with our clients is chiefly through the Internet and that reduces the expenditure of maintaining a showroom. The benefit of reduced expenses is passed on to our clients, making our kitchen base units fashionable and inexpensive. What sets us apart from other companies and their aggressive sales personnel is at Bella Cucina it is the client who is in complete control of the purchasing decisions. The design grid helps our customers to put together a plan for you to design and accurately estimate the base units required to be put in your kitchen.

    At Bella Cucina we believe people expect more from their kitchen appliances today. Thus, we build our kitchen base units to adjust to a family's way of life. They not only look good but are utility items too. Put simply, they're built to stand up to your aspirations.