Designer Kitchen Colour Scheme


    Bella Cucina is a UK based, leading supplier of high-quality designer kitchen appliances and accessories. As design consultants at Bella Cucina, we believe that re-modelling or building a designer kitchen involves not only kitchen appliances and cabinets but also its colour scheme.

    One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they tend to put a lot of colour in the background. Hence, before redoing a kitchen you must remember the key points:

    •  In what way should the colours be blend together?

    •  What will set the kitchen space apart from the other rooms?

    •  How can you add a unique element – say a chandelier or wooden microwave storage cart, without disrupting the flow of the kitchen?

    •  What kind of feelings will the colours inspire?

    Here at Bella Cucina as kitchen décor experts, we have devised a comprehensive guide that will help to redesign your kitchen.

    Adding colour to the kitchen can be as elaborate or as easy depending upon whether you intend to completely change the colour or simply add dashes of various shades.

    You can choose to create a monochromatic colour scheme by imitating the cabinets, countertop and wall. For instance, a white palette signifies taste, honesty and straightforwardness. Or, introduce a stark contrast by painting the background a dramatically deeper colour than the cabinets. Its effect is to create a mood that's more stimulating and trendy.

    These can then be personalised with theme-based motifs. These motifs can also highlight a repetitive pattern present in the kitchen.

    We at Bella Cucina believe that cabinets, walls, ceiling, floor and window coverings and trim are a great opportunity to add colour to the kitchen. For instance, a soft-whitewashed cabinet front creates the aura of a coastal cottage. Painting trim can perk up cheap shelves. Unconventional colours can be used to highlight the hanging plate or pot racks.

    Several high quality paints are available to cater to the kitchen space. Latex high gloss paints are excellent for kitchen cabinets. However, when choosing colour, always use a large sample. If necessary, paint a 2' x 2' area on the wall and try to get yourself and the family to get accustomed to it.

    Here at Bella Cucina, we recommend some of the following designs:

    •  Jade coloured cabinets and yellow walls together with a fresco that contains all the colours of the kitchen.

    •  Crimson coloured cabinets with floral designs can add an extra dash of excitement.

    •  The colours of the walls inspired by the colours of the floor, whose different textures and patterns add interest to the ambience.

    •  A wooden floor painted scarlet and then glazed, together with azure coloured walls.

    These, however are tips to help you get the ultimate kitchen with a perfect colour scheme. Ultimately, the ideal kitchen is all about personal tastes. It is supposed to match your lifestyle, moods and idiosyncrasies.